Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Andrew Wheeler, AutoMotoPhoto and MotoGP. Part2 Catching Up.

Casey Stoner MotoGP Wold Champion Valencia 2011
Over 105 motorcycling events (and some retro car images from CART and F1) are now contained within the cyber-walls of my now up-to-date website, AutoMotoPhoto.  Possibly one of the largest publicly accessible collection of motorcycle racing images on the web.  Covering more than a handful of races from all three major racing series that I have been fortunate enough to cover including, AMA, World Superbike (WSBK) and of course MotoGP.  I typically like to up date the last few races of the year in the following year as it gives everyone something to look at during the quiet periods we all face, as well as it gives me a little time to reflect on what I have covered and to see how I can improve for the upcoming season.

Fortunately I have been accredited for a hard card for the 2012 season in MotoGP and as always am extremely grateful for the acceptance. It doesn't come easy.  But I am grateful to every outlet, magazine and editor that chooses my work to enhance their publications.

Okay....more updates to come.  I have to nip out.


Style Photography Kelowna said...

Just discovered your blog.
Cool photos - love this one.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Thank you!!