Friday, December 29, 2006

AutoMotoPhoto 2006 Review - Happy New Year!

Well folks, looks like another year is virtually done and dusted. Where does the time go?

After a successful trip to Daytona for the tyre test, 2007 looks like it's setting itself up to be a cracking year as my plans begin to shape up nicely.

My 2006 AutoMotoPhoto Review book has now been published and it's 2 inches BIGGER than my 2005 Review...

A few "Thank You's" are in order...

Firstly my wife Emily, for all the love and support she provides me. Without her this woouldn't have happened (it's her fault I got into this business in the first place).

To Chris Jonnum and Laurel C Allen at RoadRacerX and to Matthew Miles and Robyn Davis at CycleWorld. I look forward to working with you through 2007. To Gary Inman and the folks at Performance Bikes and to Larry Carter and Rich Page at Motorcycle Racer in the UK and to all the other magazines and editors who have used my work and services throughout this amazing year.

Finally, to Andrea Wilson. Who has been a friend and a confidant throughout the year and someone whose company has been an important part of my world.

Watch out for my work in the new 2006/7 edition of the Motorcycle Racing "Bible" Motocourse and whilst you're here, why not make yourself a cup of tea, or coffee, grab a digestive or two and click on Wheeler's World and take a peek at my review of 2006

..and don't forget to check out Liam Shuberts' website. Liam is a great guy with a wonderful attitude and took the huge leap of faith to find work within the fast paced world of MotoGP by simply upping sticks, packing his bags and heading off to Spain to see what he could do to work with a MotoGP team. Through hard work and tenacity he landed a job as a mechanic with the Pramac D'Antin Ducati Team. Just before Christmas Liam asked if I'd like to be interviewed for the MotoGP Podcasting website. I took him up on the offer and so if you have the the technology, you can actually hear what I sound like (no Wurzel or Zyder jokes please...)! There is also an interview with Colin Edwards and other people who work in the fast world of motorcycle racing! So go listen!

Thanks again to all who ride and race and make this sport the thrill that it is.

See you in 2007...