Wednesday, November 07, 2007

You Spin Me Right Round Baby...A QTVR of Valencia

Panoramic images are fun!

When I get home and can compress this file using Sorenson then I'll embed it, until then please enjoy this view of the Circuito Ricardo Tormo. Use the +/- switches to zoom in and out .

Valencia Circuit QTVR

I was waiting for the 125 race to start and it dawned on me that many folks might have no idea how many people cram into this "stadium of a racetrack". As it turned out there was nearly 130,000 people here on Sunday. Each and everyone enjoying themselves with horns, flags, signs you name it it was here.

One observation that I found truly inspiring, was the clapping. Each time a Spanish rider came around, people stood and clapped.

I'll share some more later this week. I have caught another cold so things are trudging.

Although here's one of my being shadowed by the HUGE cloud of smoke created by fireworks.More to come.

BCN is an interesting place.