Tuesday, April 03, 2007

17 Years of Bliss - Another Cover - AMA SBK Barber

Daytona is done with for another year. I was lucky that my wife was able to join me, thus stopping me from losing my mind. After two mechanical failures with my cameras and a CF card (sensor on the MK2N and lens mount on the old MK2 - fortunately they held on and off and on and off until almost the end of Saturday) I was able to complete the week and we left to come home on Sunday. Testing at Laguna Seca tomorrow (4/4) and Infineon/Sears Point on Thursday and Friday and then it's off to a real racetrack at Birmingham Alabama for Round 2 of the AMA Superbike Series. Wheelers World is being updated as I write, oh and as you can see above there's another cover shot from yours truly on the cover of May's RoadRacerX of the champ, Ben Spies.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to my wife Emily. 17 years we've been married today and I love her so much.

See you at Barber!