Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm all Packed For Road Atlanta - VIR Update!


A short missive here. But I felt that I should say something about how generous I find these folks I spend pretty much my entire life with these days.

One such person, who has shown kindness and generosity to myself ever since I started down this career path is Josh Hayes, currently the Erion Honda Formula Extreme Champion. Ever since my first outing with my camera and gear during a test at laguna Seca, where I captured the moment where his front brake failed aboard the Attack Kawasaki ZX10R superbike. He was the first person I ever sold a print to, in fact it was a 12 image single print of this very incident.

One such event happened the other weekend following Josh Hayes' Formula Extreme win over Larry Pegram and Marty Craggill. After receiving the trophy from Bruce of Arai Helmets, and the traditional spraying of champagne, he simply walked over to Bruce, and gave the first place trophy back to him and said this is for you. Bruce was overwhelmed, and SO overwhelmed things were getting emotional! Melissa, Joshs' fiancé, was getting all bleary eyed, and then I too, started getting bleary eyed, being the soppy fart I am!

With that in mind, here's a shot of Bruce just after receiving his gift...Amazing. It's why I love this sport.

Oh, and one last picture. I do try to not replicate exactly what I did the year before, however, there is one spot on the track at VIR that if the light is right, creates an image I personally love and so I like to try and get another rider in that magical place each time. This time it is Ben Spies (it was Mat Mladin before..) and for me it sums up VIR (aside from the pulled pork that is...)With that in mind, I'll bid you adieu, finish packing my gear and start getting dinner. Gumbo tonight!

TTFN - Andrew

Saturday, August 25, 2007

AMA Superbikes in Ohio - (Almost) Night Racing

Good afternoon...

I got caught out by being busy and so I apolgise for not updating this before I left for Virginia. TIme seems to be at a premium the week before I head off to my next destination. Anyways, Mid Ohio was certainly entertaining. As is always the case, rain made an appearance, plus I got trapped in the elevator for 20 minutes. All good fun. However, the highlight of the weekend was the start of Sunday's Superbike race. After much track drying, an almost street party like atmosphere on the pit lane (it's very unusual to see all the teams and riders in one place at one time). Most were just sitting on the armco, some were watching the track drying efforts, and in general the atmosphere felt pretty good. Then it was time to go racing. 6.30pm rolled around and the big boy's hit the track for their warm up. 15 minutes later the warm up was over, then a 10 minute break, and we're racing. No grid girls, no pomp and circumstance and a hurried National Anthem was sung and it was green for go....

That race in the bag and now it was 7.35pm and the Supersport boys are heading out for their warm up. Now the light is seriously fading. Even my flash is beginning to actually light up the night...The warm up session over, Morgan (Broadhead - AMA Race Director) is going to each rider asking them their opinion on racing. Chaz Davies (Celtic Racing #157 - who was on pole) is asked how he feels about the light, and even with a dark tinted visor he's ready to go racing. However, a large group of riders is forming and much to the disappointment of Chaz Davies it is decided to call it day (or night)..

Oddly enough, as that decision is made, the generators kick in and track and paddock lights burst into life. Time for bed said Zebedee...

Next post - VIR (Virginia International Raceway)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Red Bull USGP Footnote

Something whilst I think of it.

I'll add my Mid Ohio update before I head off to Virginia International Raceway later this week.

I just wanted to add a little tear sheet from the current issue of Motorcycle Racer Magazine in the UK (MCR#99). I feel it's important to sometimes get a little thrill from your own work, otherwise what's the point? This image did it for me.

Especially when an art director picks an image outside of the usual images I supply (MotoGP imagery is *well covered* by some of the big names in the industry)then it truly tickles me. Especially when it's one I actually enjoyed the snappy conceptualising process. it's nothing new in that respect, but the sky was gorgeous, the air was clear and the contrasts of red white and blue just smacked me upside the head.

Anyways, here it is. It's a shot of Casey Stoner traversing Rainey Curve (T9) at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Off to Mid Ohio again


Sorry for the tardy responses but I have been so busy.

I have just added images from the Red Bull USGP (MotoGP) to my site. I returned from Mid Ohio on Monday last after covering the Vintage Motorcycle races and so everything has been somewhat of a rush.

Anyways, I'm off to bed, needless to say I will have some stuff from the AMA Superbike races at Mid Ohio to share in due course.

Meanwhile, check out my site for the latest and greatest.

Bye for now - Andrew