Thursday, April 10, 2008

PCH - The Pacific Coast Highway

Vroom Vroom!
Last week was busy from Monday though well, this week. Working with talented writer Mark Gardiner, a couple of his motorcycling colleagues and some wonderful machinery (Ducati Multistrada, BMW 1200GS's to name a couple) we completed an assignment for UK published BIKE magazine. The premiss for the assignment was to give folks from the UK (or anywhere for that matter) a nuts and bolts head start into taking a trip to Northern California, renting a motorcycle and then to visit a select area over a period of time. Thus the assignment included a trip up and down the Pacific Coast Highway (HWY1) from Capitola down through Big Sur and onto a small village call Fernwood. Possibly some of the prettiest coastline anywhere in the world. Day two was a trip to the wine country, and as I was shooting at Infineon (AKA Sear Point) that morning, we decided that Sonoma would be the region to visit (I prefer it over Napa anyways) and then a ride out through the back roads to the coast and down through Marshall to the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin headlands. Day three would be a ride around San Francisco with a focus on the off beat (and Beat Generation) lifestyle and then a stop outside a strip joint....and no, no one went in...!

Needless to say, it was a blast. Hard work but a blast. An errant parking mistake in San Francisco also cost me a $60 parking ticket....then there was post....

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