Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cold Hands and Woolly Jumpers - Testing Sheep

Onto testing...
Sonoma is one of those areas that is into the alternative resource lifestyle, be it organic produce, meats, dairy and of course beer and wine. It is also close to the home where Yamaha riders Eric and Ben Bostrom grew up.With that in mind, how cool is it when a racetrack allows animals to clear grasses that grow abundantly around the racetrack. That's what they do at Infineon Raceway near Sonoma. Yes they use sheep! How truly wonderful. It also makes for a pleasant lunch break, simply unwrap your packed lunch, sit up on the hills and let the bleating surround you. Wonderful. At Laguna Seca (above), Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki were in attendance. At Infineon, all the factory teams bar Erion Honda were there. As is the case the weather at Laguna was wonderful, albeit very windy and cold. At Infineon, it was a bit muddy weather wise. Fortunately dry but the sun couldn't make up it's mind.Sometimes I do forget how far Infineon Raceway is from my home in Capitola. However, I never ever get tired of driving over the Golden Gate Bridge. You would never think that, especially as I have lived here in California for 18 years this coming September. But each time I drive the bridge I'm reminded of the opening sequence of the "Streets of San Francisco", the TV show with Michael Douglas and Karl Malden.  With similar nostalgia, I'm also reminded of how my grandmother could never cook fish fingers properly, as we would always watch "The Streets of San Francisco" at her house at tea time on Saturday afternoons when I was a little boy growing up in the UK.  They'd be still frozen in the middle.  Sort of like a modern day fish popsicle.  I'd still eat them though, not wanting to be ungrateful.

Oh...and for something different, here's some video shot with a Canon G9 from the Laguna Seca test.

That's all from me for now. AutoMotoPhoto® is updated with some images from testing. Next week I'm off to Barber Motorsports Park near Leeds in Alabama. Looks like there's going to be a race a happenen'

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