Wednesday, September 05, 2007

17 Years Today - Another Cover - Aaron Yates RRX

That's right readers.

17 years ago today I arrived at SFO in the USA with 5 suitcases (one half of one was used to bring me home from hospital after I was born), a collection of "Q" magazines, my favourite teddy bear and a few items that meant a lot to me as I grew up back in the UK before meeting Emily, getting married and moving here. All I can say is, I have never stopped realising what a blast my life is. I have as a mate, the coolest woman in the world, the coolest job in the world, and ultimately the coolest life in the world and someone to share it all with. It's not been without some hard work mind you, but so far it's only getting better.

Oh, and I thought I should let folks know that they need to rush out and buy the current edition of Road Racer X featuring Jordan Suzuki rider Aaron Yates on the cover taken by yours truly, Andrew Wheeler. I'll update my thoughts on Road Atlanta in a separate post, however, for now I'd also like to congratulate Erion Honda rider, and good friend Josh Hayes on his second Formula Extreme Championship win that he locked in at Road Atlanta. Fortunately I was in the the right place at the right time to capture this little gem.

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Scott Jones said...

Congratulations on your latest cover, Andrew! Great shots from Road Atlanta, too. I look forward to more from Laguna.