Monday, March 28, 2011

MotoGP Qatar Round1..Rossi, Spies, Stoner, Lorenzo and Camels...

This was the first time on my trip to Qatar to cover MotoGP that I actually witnessed camels free and wild in the desert. We had a side trip up to the fort at Al-Zubarah and there were many many camels just wandering doesn't get too close by the way...
So as not to get too race "reporty" as pretty much anyone can find that stuff out there anyways, I'll just add what the week gave us. We had old riders on new teams, new riders on new teams and teams that didn't take to the track due to accidents, Bautista...poor chap.
As before we visited the Souq Waqif in Doha, the Islamic Museum of Art and ate like kings for very little expense. Eating out is extremely cheap in Doha, as is simply food shopping. I guess when you cannot purchase beer and wine it keeps the cost down!!
Back to the track, I discovered a new spot to shoot from which allowed for the black of night to create a wonderful contrast to the sparkliness (is that a word?) of the lights bouncing off the fairings
and really made the bikes shine. I really enjoyed seeing Ben Spies and his new matt black HJC helmet..but what shooting under the darkness give you is more of the "stuff" you won't see under daylight..such as flames, glowing exhausts and the other imagery that is lost to the brght sky.
With that image, I will just add one more post above and then I must head off to Jerez for round 2 of the championship...The moon was also out and giving us a visual treat too....

I'll leave you with a link to a little vignette that was done for at Losail, with yours truly. I actually talk for over 7 minutes!! Click here to be taken to YouTube to watch Andrew Wheelerand some visual fun!

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