Thursday, April 22, 2010

#100 Neil Hodgson...Thank You for the memories


During my tenure shooting and covering the AMA Superbike series I was fortunate enough to be involved. For me, it was truly international. It had many fans both here in the USA and abroad. Race tracks were full of fans, really full. The racers were all characters, good (Ben Spies) and bad (Matt Mladin) guys, and then some other crazy characters. It was a great time to be a photographer and in simplicity just being there. One person during those AMA days that truly made it me for was Neil Hodgson. Who announced his retirement today following another accident in the UK which re-injured an old injury caused during some down time here in the US. I always enjoyed covering Neil, mainly for Motorcycle Racer in the UK and for that I am grateful to have been a part of his journey here. I was always thrilled to meetup with Neil and the Ducati gang, and then the Honda gang during a race weekend. Neil's sense of humour, with and courtesy were always countered by his stylish and aggressive riding on track. A joy to chat with and a thrill to photograph. Thank you and good luck Neil!

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