Monday, June 16, 2008

AMA Meet WSBK - Keeping It Below 4% ABV

Can you believe Thursday started out with clouds, rain and drama?

What a weekend. This year I decided to rent an apartment a little over 35 miles away from the track in Salt Lake City. What a blessing that was. Quiet, relaxing and allowed me to cook my own food in the evenings. Miller Motorsports Park is one of my favourite locations on the calender, doubled in fun this time with the addition of the World Superbike and it's stable of talented riders. Even though Thursday started out with clouds, the rest of the weekend would be perfect as far as the weather went. The racing was fun and there was enough pizzazz that is intermingled with the World Superbike Series to make it feel like something truly special. For me, the racing is good, the marketing of the series is good (with preformed collapsible pit boxes being used to hide ugly garages you have the availability to have a nice backdrop/background when shooting ) and the access is wonderful being that within reason you can get into the garage, get your shot and move around with relative ease.

The scenery at Miller Motorsports Park is also very dramatic. I was hoping that with the slightly cooler temperatures than usual we'd be treated to snow capped mountains, and low and behold, my wishes were answered. Miller Motorsports Park is one of those locations where big wide landscape Ansel Adam style images can be created whilst including racing into the picture. AutoMotoPhoto has been updated with a whole slew of images so grab a coffee and have a gander. Oh the 4% ABV? Well, most of the beer you can buy in supermarket cannot be brewed above 4%ABV, that said, there are state run liquor stores where you can buy slightly stronger brews!

Next up, Road America, the rainfest!

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