Friday, May 02, 2008

Playing Catch Up #1 - Broody Barber

Yes it was. I don't care what anyone says. For some reason it feels like when one works in an office and rumours start circulating that the "company" is downsizing...nothing concrete or written but it's there - it's unsettling. I have been laid off from 11 jobs since I left school at 16, I've become somewhat of a psychic in these matters (even if I do say so myself - hence why I'm working for myself these days). Let's just say, and this is my opinion of course, that there was (and is) nothing wrong with the bikes or the racing... What the AMA needed was something along the lines of what IRTA does for MotoGP , just as the AMA Superbike Series is garnering more visitors WORLDWIDE. I was personally hoping that the series would streamline, take on FIM rules and be an equivalent to say the British Superbike Series. This really isn't rocket science. I just feel somewhat odd because I'm a global person and had this quaint thought that the AMA series would fully become the American equivalent to the BSB. We'll see, I'm a "there's no such thing as a glass" person so I go with whatever.

On a brighter note. Emily, my wife, joined me this race weekend to spend her birthday amongst the paddock.
Barber Motorsports Park is a wonderful facility. The folks that manage the track, Zoom Motorsports, do a wonderful job, the track workers are exceptionally helpful, security is polite and super friendly, in all, making our jobs easier and joyfull. Thank you to all for the wonderful job you do.

Oh, and sorry for the time it took to update. With Barber on one weekend, followed by Fontana the next,(a post - and images to my site - will be added in due course) there just isn't enough hours in the day to do it all.

Thanks for listening.

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