Friday, February 01, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different..

Finally! I can say something!

This really thrilled me. My personal goal with my job as a photographer has been to try and get the word to folks outside of the motorcycle racing world to maybe come to a race. Watch some good solid entertainment, meet the race fans that attend and see how friendly (sometimes not quietly so) they are, and how much pleasure can be had for such a small outlay. I've been trying to get that message across to those who haven't been "converted". Imagine my thrill when I was contacted by PhotoShop User Magazine and was asked to be their featured photographer in their magazine! What a thrill, a non motorcycle industry magazine wants to showcase my work, which in turn puts those images in front of many many people, many of whom might not have even seen a race bike. Imagine my (even bigger) thrill, when I was told they wanted to use one of my images for the cover!

So here it is. One of my all time favourites, a shot taken at the California Speedway, of Eric Bostrom back in 2005 when he rode with Ducati. For me I have always thought that it had a science fiction quality to it, but with it rich colours, the placement of the hands, and the blown out spectator in the uncropped version (inside the magazine) it has a "Man Who Fell To Earth" quality to it IMO.What a way to start the year!


Alan B. said...

That is awesome, Andrew! I'm a NAPP member, so I look forward to getting my copy. Congrats on getting your excellent work in front of an entirely new audience.

Pilgrim said...

Congratulations Andrew! You certainly seem to have gone from strength to strength since you started this career.

Kirk said...


You should be pleased to know I was directed to your site from a web blog, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips. The host of the site is Matt Kloskowski who works for NAPP, and of course Photoshop User Mag. He has a weekly entry called Thursday Inspiration on his blog. He does a small bit on creative individuals and you were featured this week with your cover from Photoshop User Mag. Being an avid reader of Photoshop User and Matt’s blog, I was very eager to see your blog and work from your website.

The word is out, and I plan on making a trip down to Laguna Seca for a superbike race and the CART race. I now live in the East Bay and since I will miss the Toyota Grad Prix in Long Beach this year, I will be going to Monterey.

Mary said...

Congratulations Andrew! Some super press for you.
My Photoshop User magazine came today and my first thought was...I wonder if that is Andrew's shot. And sure enough so I had to come here to say good goin!.

Mary Cornelius