Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's not always about the bikes..

Okay, so I'm a little inside my monthly update, but I wanted to mention whilst I'm deciding on how to cook salmon before I head off to Road America tomorrow, and wanted to share this missive with those peeps lucky enough to spend some time on my site and reading this verbiage. Please indulge me.

I love my wife. Deeply. Emily is truly the most wonderful person in my universe and sometimes I wonder what I did to be in the same time continuum as someone so switched on, so smart and so alive. Well, I guess that's something for the stars.

One thing I have observed being around these bike racer types, and chats with Rachel (Hacking) and Aaron Yates wife Heather, we all have one thing in common. We believe in the end goal. It's a team thing, like a marriage should be. No one person "owns" another, nothing "belongs' to one person, it's about the unit, and working together, love and trust.

And before I descend into the deep philosophical depths I just want to say, that having Emily be alongside me whilst working, (she even took some photos AND they were sharp, and in context) was equivalent to having training wheels taken off of your Raleigh, or learning to walk, falling in love (oh wait I do that each day - to this day my tummy flips when I meet her for lunch or see her face at the airport when i come home - and we've been married over 17 years).

I love you, I'll be home on Monday and I promise I'll send you some wallpapers buddy.

Thank you for being in my life Emily. I love you.

I should add, that a soupcon of motorcycle racing photography from the AMA Superbike races at Infineon are now online, I hope you like them..

Andrew :)

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